Course Information

Project & Mission

Operation Next Montana offers welding and CNC rapid training courses at Highlands College. Courses are 6 months in duration. The curriculum is online with hands-on application training. The hands-on application training is the last weekend of every month for 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday. The online curriculum must be completed before the hands-on training. However, if a person is consistent, they can complete the program while working a regular job or going to school. Highlands College has staff to assist students and instructors throughout the online curriculum. Our goal is for students to receive their nationally recognized AWS certification for welding and NIMS for CNC.

The next courses for Welding and CNC start on January 9th. We are also seeking interested individuals to sign up now for future courses. Future course dates are not yet determined. However, signing up now helps show our financial need to our partners. We will keep everyone on our future courses list updated on subsequent opportunities.

We (NFAMI, Operation Next Montana, and LIFT) are working to connect students to employers, internships, apprenticeships, etc. at the completion of the course. Also, Highlands will speak with students about continuing education if they are interested.


Student Program

Service members work in a diverse team-oriented and hierarchical environment. Veterans know how to take orders, create solutions, think quickly in changing circumstances, and safely complete assignments. They understand the principles of commitment, integrity, accountability, loyalty, and service before themselves in building a strong team. Working in the armed forces requires a high degree of technical skill and education to keep up with increasingly complex systems.