Please note that we are a 501C3 and all donations come with a tax receipt.

We are seeking sponsorships from companies in the form of monetary donations for tuition scholarships, tooling, equipment, hotel rooms, etc. Additional sponsorships are sought to provide internships, job application opportunities, apprenticeships, etc.


Featured Sponsors

Operation Next is a Department of Defense-funded and SkillBridge-approved program that provides military personnel, spouses, dependents and veterans* with FREE training in advanced manufacturing skills. Delivered through fast, flexible learning modules, this instruction puts trainees on strong career paths with opportunities to land high-paying, in-demand jobs nationwide.

Using a tailored small business growth strategy in Cherry Hill and beyond, I proudly elevate small and medium-sized companies to new, rarified territory

As an industry veteran, Marc provides unmatched practical and strategic business and legal solutions to small and medium-sized corporate organizations at below-market rates. Marc invests in, supports, and helps companies grow, and constantly stays vigilant for opportunities to disrupt and enhance marketplaces that clients can leverage to their advantage.

For over 30 years, UTRS has applied proven methodologies to gain a comprehensive understanding of a problem, analyze all potential solutions, and deploy technology in ways that are strategic and innovative.

Their mission is to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees to deploy sustainable technology solutions to keep our warfighters, communities, infrastructure, and skies safe.

Universal Achemetal Titanium, LLC (UAT) is a joint venture of Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc. (UTRS), and Achemetal, Inc. We are based in Butte, Montana, and came together to develop and commercialize next-generation metals technologies.

LIFT, operated by the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute (ALMMII), is a public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of Defense, industry and academia, part of the national network of manufacturing innovation institutes, driving the U.S. mobility sector toward the future manufacturing revolution to support our nation’s economy and enhance our national security.

Accelerate Montana offers a broad range of programs to benefit businesses and individuals alike – regardless of where you live or work in Montana. In order to meet our mission of accelerating economic potential, we have assembled teams who can support, guide, and consult with you on your business or help guide you in your career.

General Distributing Company is a Wholesale distributor of gases, equipment, and supplies. They are a 4th generation family-owned business dedicated to investing in, inspiring, and empowering people so that together we succeed and grow. We’ve been serving our customers and local communities since 1948.


Our Current Sponsors

THANK YOU to our sponsors for contributing to our efforts and providing opportunities to our Veterans and Servicemen/women for Life After Service. We are grateful to the integral parts you play in our efforts. Your companies and services are highlighted below.

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